Offline Caching Feature



The very first time users launch an app after installation, they will be prompted to enable Offline Caching, a feature that allows them to view some app content without an internet connection.

In this article, you will find general information about this feature and the key aspects regarding performance when this is enabled.




The enable Offline Caching prompt will only appear once unless the user deletes and reinstalls the app.

  • If the user selects No, the app will not load cached content when the device is disconnected from data/WiFi.
  • If the user selects Yes, the app will begin storing app content in the device’s cache each time a tab is loaded with an active connection. The next time the user visits the app without a connection, they will be able to view this cached content.


General Info

  • Regardless of caching, when a user loads the app, the images will be saved to the device temporarily (while the app is open).
  • Once the app is closed, the data will be removed. This temporary storage ensures faster loading times because images do not need to reload each time a specific tab/view is visited.
  • For example, when the user accesses the Contact tab for the first time, the app will load the background image and content.
  • When the user leaves this tab then returns, the content will just be pulled from the device memory so it does not need to reload.


  • Tabs that require a data connection to function will not be available in offline mode. For example, the YouTube ChannelMusicWeb Site tabs and even info tabs with dynamic web content stream from the web and therefore cannot perform without an active connection.
  • In order for content to cache, the tab and all sub-menus must be loaded at least once with a live Internet connection. If they have not been loaded previously, the user will see the Please connect to the internet warning.


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